one of a kind

I'm so pissed that I can not go ride this place!

However I sorta know some folks that are friends with property owners in the near by area. They have been building miles and miles of trails. I am hoping I get an invite this winter. :banana:
I have seen pictures and video, absolutely amazing area to ride.
I have been fortunate enough to ride cc a few times. It is on of the places my little girl can remember,Because of the river crossings on the main road. I tell her every time she ask me when are we going back that the government shut it down ;(
Well it's no secret that asbestos is not good to breathe but neither is cigarette smoke. They still let people do that nasty shit in public. I personally will take my chances with the asbestos. Not to mention that people in this country are supposed to be free to make their own decisions (within reason) and if they want to go onto federal land that has a little bit of asbestos on it then it should be there decision. California is working on pushing every off road enthusiast right out of the state.
There are no dead bodies from this kind of asbestos. People should be dropping like flys in Bakersfield if it caused cancer, the ppm there is extremely high.
This form of asbestos is found all across the state.
From what I have read is, The asbestos is safe untill it gets smashed up under tires and so forth. I dont know if it is true or not. It all comes down to my right to ride the area if i choose to!! Not the goberment:foul: