Old timer with many bikes in NJ

Rutherford "proper", need Giants Stadium. Bergen County.

Thank you for the kind words.

When I find some time in the future, I will start a thread with the bikes and PICS.


Yep I know your neck of the woods. I frequent Nyc and the 5 boro's for work.
:wave: Welcome to the forum, I grew up with good ole Maicos. :thumb: Best one I had was a 1976 Adolph Weil replica bike, 400cc. :hail:

Here is my current fave (it changes week by week) :blah:.

My best bikee ever, until I bought my 2006 YZ 250, was my 1977 Maico 250 AW (in 1977).

I am now in the process of collecting parts to build a 1977 400 AW (I have put on a few pounds since 1977).

Now of course my 2013 KTM 350XCF might be my best ever, but not off the showroom floor like the Maico and Yamaha. The suspension on the KTM needs some serious love.
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Thank you, but this is the tip of the iceberg. I was able to "sell" off almost half of the 60 bikes I had at one time. It still hurts. I love to build and race them. I do not have the funds or desire to start my own personal museum. There are enough of those out there now,i.e. Tom White's and Terry Good's collection. I could never come close to what those two have done.
So, I will build them and either race them or sell them to fund another project.
I will post more PICS soon to keep you guys interested.
Anyone want to to buy a bike? Sell an older (Pre 1982) bike? Damn, did I just go there. SELL< SELL< SELL, my wite's favorite mantra.
Check out this tank.

I love anything with a low pipe. CZ's have always had a special place in my past. I could go on and on lol.
My friend had the same CZ as pictured. My other buddies and I rode Maicos. I went through 4 of them before switched over to some Honda 480's and then my brand new 1989 CR500. Guess what I ride now. :prof:
please tell me you had the black rims and had to put them on something anyway!!!! (when that fad is dead, I will be a happier man.)

the cz250 enduro I can see from here came to me after I arranged for the last owner to have it. he bought about enough of everthing to go completely through anything that moves on it. I think when he dropped it off to me to "finish if you want it" I strained myself picking up the tuff bin full of it. He was leaving the state and just gave it to me. I guess next winter it will get some work.