we play it in 8th greade now and then, we try to hit each other as hard as we can with the ball, if you step out of you square your out :D ahhh puberty
Yeah so I'ma start with the intro. I'm new here and I come from a place where there isn't any mud or dirt for miles (Toronto, ON.). I'm riding a 2008 TT-R 230 (don't hate its my first bike) called "The Cookie Monster" and I like to abuse it on tracks :smirk:. I really like to ride the trails for as long as I can (before cops find me) because I'm not allowed to dirtbike on golf courses.

I'm looking forward to get to know all of you as well and have some fun on the boards so I guess I'll see you guys later!




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Howdy Knuckles! Your name is intimidating me. So I gave you my lunch roost. please don't beat me up. I'll have some more lunch roost tomorrow... -BIG DAN:thumb: