Yeah so I'ma start with the intro. I'm new here and I come from a place where there isn't any mud or dirt for miles (Toronto, ON.). I'm riding a 2008 TT-R 230 (don't hate its my first bike) called "The Cookie Monster" and I like to abuse it on tracks :smirk:. I really like to ride the trails for as long as I can (before cops find me) because I'm not allowed to dirtbike on golf courses.

I'm looking forward to get to know all of you as well and have some fun on the boards so I guess I'll see you guys later!
Welcome Knuckles. You made a huge mistake coming to this forum...:devil: If you are looking for people who ride, this is not the place....Wait, what? Where am I? That would be me...BYE

Anyways welcome and hammer that 230....:thumb:

Welcome Knuckles, good to see more Canuks here. Where in TO do you live? I lived off of Warden Ave in Scarborough a looooong time ago. It was great taking the subway to Yonge Street for a night of bar hopping, then catching the streetcar home.


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:cheers: Welcome Knuckles, that's an interesting name BTW. :lol:

So Edge you should have about enough Canucks now to start that hockey team you've always wanted. :thumb: :smirk:
Jackson: I'm at Humber College now on the West end. Hwy. 27 and Finch.

james: You don't want to see this guy play hockey :smirk:

NoNoNo, you don't get it. I was talking about those californians on the left cost,, your just right above me actually alittle more east than me.