Ocotillo Wells Ca .

:prof: More please!

:lol: Don't you worry about posting to many pictures, the pictures aren't stored on the DBA server so post away.:thumb:

Well then.....here is a bad hair day at Ocotillo


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Starting from the left the Imfamous Jen Morton (according to what I've read won the hill climb this weekend at the Baja Beach Bash), Maryann (SheFixIt, from TT) Me, and MXDirtDiva.
:thumb: Thanks
thats a cool pic. all i could think of is the which one does not belong game my kids preschool activitys have :rocker:
:lol: And....
So where is this place TWS? That does look like a lot of fun. :thumb:

It's just South of Palm Springs, in the Salton Sea area. I think you're actually closer to Ocotillo Wells, then Spangler, but 50 miles aren't much, when you're doing 1500+ to get there.:smirk: If I skip Spangler on Turkey Day, it's because I went to OW, it's an awesome place.:thumb:
What's with the double posts ^^^^^^? I have never been to OW and might need to go check it out. But Spanger is so much closer to me. Timoyz you need to make it out for T-Day, it should be a great trip..:thumb: