Not dirt bikes, but still "riding"...

its not about being cool or anything like that. i look at the skill it takes. scootering can be learned very fast... when i worked at a BMX shop we sold them and the owner let us play on em when we got bored. first day we were doing those tailwhips. its not that hard. now baseball (even tho i think its boring) is NOT easy. same with BMX Skateboarding or riding dirt bikes.

but hey like i said glad he has fun with it and if you do you should tell everyone else to :finger: but prepared to be thick skinned about it :smirk:

As far as the skill factor goes, I'm not gonna argue that tailwhips are harder on bikes because they are. A lot of tricks are. But you really can't look at things like tailwhips and compare them, because nobody's saying that a tailwhip on a scooter is comparable to one on a bike.

I mean, one video probably isn't going to change anyone's perspective, but damn sometimes people get on my nerves with tailwhips. Just because you can land a tailwhip on flat on a scooter doesn't mean shit. Anyone can. But I haven't met one person at my local skatepark that would even drop in on the 5 foot quarter with my scooter. AND these aren't wal-mart scooters. My scooter has an FSA Impact integrated headset, the same headset most people run on higher-end BMX bikes. I'm sure Trav will know what that is. My scooter weighs a lot, and it's a lot harder to tailwhip than a shitty stock Razor. I can triple tailwhip flat with a razor in the same amount of effort it takes to do a single whip on mine.

Oh, and Rock Monster, Mike Carroll's signature Girl board has Hello Kitty on the bottom. I'm not even kidding, it's trademarked and everything. Google it. How is that any better than me putting pink grip on my board? I respect skating for those who really do it but today it seems like most of the kids who skate are trendy little punks who do it to be cool and don't even have any passion for the sport. Anyone who is committed to any sport has my respect, whether it be skating, BMX, scootering, dirt biking, quads, rollerblading, anything. Yes, even rollerblading. Watch the crazy shit they do and tell me they aren't some crazy sons of bitches. I guess acceptance comes along with scootering, because of all the shit we have to go through just for doing something different, but I'd rather be the odd one out who knows who he is than someone letting the opinions of others guide him through life. PS, the next grip tape I get is going to be clear, and I'm putting the santa cruz screaming hand logo underneath. [/rant]
:shocked:Um you still are. :smirk:

Yeah but I can't pass up such a perfect opportunity for a cool, overly dramatic statement. :prof:

BTW Rock and Trav, I'm not condescending on you guys at all with that post, just ranting in general. So don't take it personally, it's 3 am here :smirk:
dont take it personally as well.. im just clowning you cause you ride a pink scooter :lol:

no but really these guys had mad skills too ...

Btwm it's not pink any more :prof: :P Sold my SCS (the anodized purple clamp) to a friend, and rawed my fork. Gonna get my new bars and fork a bit rusty, rub them down with diesel oil to blacken them out a bit, and then have them clear PC'd by some buddies at a shop I used to take my bike to. :thumb: