New to this

Wecome 530, don't let these yahoo's scare you off,,,,better yet ruuuuunnn!!! :smirk:, Seriously tho, take look around and check stuff out and you if a have any questions, you're shit of luck we don't do questions here. :lol: Have some roost!!:thumb:
I will put up a pic when I get home. It is in my avatar to some extent.
:cheers: Welcome 530ktm.

:lol: I was going to ask what you ride but I'm guessing it's KTM 530, so instead how about some pictures of your ride. :P

:lol: Looks like it.
Sacasim wasnt my intent. What I ment was............... Ok maybe a little sarcastic. In a way I wish I still lived in So. Cal. But only for the riding. I lived in San Diego for 5 years, and enjoyed it. But Calif. is (IMO) a nice place to visit. But I likely will never live there again.