New to DBA

So does this mean we have to load your bike if we want to be "the best" crowd to ride with? I'd do it for you just to watch you dig another hole.

BTW...We need an ugly bike contest because Im pretty sure mine would win right now. I wont even go into worn gear..just that I had to borrow a chest protector from my son for tomorrow because mine that is already zip tied broke again for the final time! Sounds like you may be what they call a "sleeper" Slyko. Hey that is kind of catchy and rather cool, Sleeper Slyko!

Got you beat.

My chest protector is zip tied in 4 places AND I have 2 spots fiberglass patched holding it together. :smirk:

I haven't purchased new rubber in over 2 years.

Slyko is a nick I got in High School. I still smile when I hear that.