New to DBA

Hi all,

I'm a new convert. Been on TT awhile. I'm 45, love to ride single track and ride enduros. I ride a 2005 CRF450R or an '01 DRZ400S if dual sport is the order of the day.


Staff member
Thanks all.

James, saw the post with the xray. Yikes. Hope you heal up good and can ride soon!!
Thanks, yeah this dirt "itch" is getting bigger every day. :foul:
He's a trouble maker. Watch out for him. I think he was banned from TT! Riding in illegal areas and shit!
:shocked: You know I think there's more then a couple of those here.:lol: Maybe we should start a poll. :smirk:
They ran me out of TT. I've had enough. Let's just hope they don't find this place! :mmph:

I've taken them off my favorites list. I'm not going back there. If someone starts spouting off about my rides being illegal, I'm going to kick some @ss!

Goliver has the gift. If you're ever lucky enough to ride with him, just watch. His sense of balance is uncanny.

Being able to post video as well as pics is a HUGE bonus. I already like this spot! This place is going to blow up.