My Own Secret Squirrel Ride


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This is a secret personal ride that noone will ever see but in these images, unless you're my neighboor. SO ENJOY!
All images are public forum friendly as some have been edited to protect the innocent!

My home track has been looking nice recently. We have been working on a few small 25ft doubles and working the berms so theres only a few slow tracks through it. Its a pitbike track...





Here is some photos of more fun pitbike riding. Including a waterfall and very light water crossing! Some fireroads braid around the hillside. Due to such light traffic, there are no whoops or wear. Just ruts.




Some views from the top road (private).



The entrance to the Waterfall!:banana:





Look like fun? I think so! Its not huge, but definitely makes for a cool afternoon! It is all private property and not near any freeways or developed areas.
Notice the lack of other tracks!
-BIG DAN:thumb:


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i think we need to start a helmet fund for Big Dan...

:lol: Glad I'm not the only one that thinks that, just wait until he takes a good hit to the noggin, he'll finally "wake up". :smirk:

You guys... Seriously... You'll never see me ride without a helmet. I may putt around my property in first or second gear, but never would I ride without a helmet.
So, let it go. Or stop enjoying my photos.:moon:

You fools can come riding at my house if you bring your pitbikes...
-BIG DAN:thumb:
I drive without a seatbelt 90% of the time, so I am no one to point a finger! :naughty:

I have to say, when off road, either skiing or riding, my brain bucket has saved my skin in the most unlikely of situations.

How 'bout standing in line on a ski lift and having some out of control douche crash and burn in front of you and have a ski come at you at a zillion miles and hour and hit you in the head? It happened to me!

Or just coming to a stop on a bike at practically 1 mph, losing balance on a grade, and just doing a stupid, slo-mo easy dump low side where your helmet smacks a rock! Hard!

Shit the bed! I've been lucky as hell! The times I've crashed epically, I've always had a bean cap! And they were alway junk after that!

At least put a peddle bike helmet on! I grew up with a guy that slid out on gravel at 5 mph on a Honda SL100 and he is a half brain to this day!

Now, Maybe you or someone could lecture me on the use of a seatbelt in a car!:prof: