My name is timoyz, and I'm an a$$hole

I've had a couple rides under my belt, but with the "new TT" I had no desire to post anything about them over there. But being a geniune Dirt Bike Addict, I figured I would post up the first Ride Report (I think). :busted:

It all started with a phone call from a old high school riding buddy about a month ago. We hadn't seen each other in 20+ years, but I hear him on Mark & Brian all of the time. Once they talked about Facebook, and he called and talked about checking out all the old gang, so like a fag (yes, and an ass):smirk:, I joined and said hey.
On my home page he figured out that I still rode:bonk:!/profile.php?id=100000272629907, so it seems him and his new crew, do a guys trip to the Barstow Poker Run every year, and sometimes ride 1 loop each day! :jawdrop: :smirk:

Figuring I would go up for just Saturday, and leave my options open, everything was bought and prepped, when I got a FB PM Wednesday night, cancelling.:lame: That's the way it was back then too, so some things never change.:banghead: On a huge plus side, that left everything ready for a free day in the DEZ!!!:banana:

So, Me n' my Bro, hit the road at 6:00 AM, and headed to a unamed location, and were on the bikes by 8:30.:thumb:
Stageing spot.

We rode through the hills, down and out onto the flats, and stopped at the old Lake Dolores amusement park.

It was still actually in pretty good shape too.

To be continued...
Part 2

From there it was back on the bikes, and went non-stop to our planned destination, Afton Canyon. I've never been, and always wanted to see it for myself. We came to the first water crossing, where this butthole got stuck in the middle. and had to be towed out.:smirk:

Not being a fan of water, we found our way around, only to come to another water hole, shortly after. Being we were 60 miles from the truck, we turned around, and started to head back. Once past the camp grounds, and back under the Rail Road tunnel, we came to some idiot that decided to take his Toyote Tercel out into the deep sand. They were about 100 yards down the wash, one guys was pushing, and one was driving, and they were going down more then anything.
I didn't stop, and rode down a couple hundred yards, for a beverage, and plan the rest of our day. Just to the end of our beers, one of the guys came over and asked for help. I'm usually the first one to offer a hand, and I personally think, I go beyond the call of duty. He wanted us to go help push him. I said sorry, I'm not pushing, but there is a campground not more then a quarter mile in the other direction. If you go there, and get someone with a Jeep, they would have no problem towing you out. Then he asked if I could give him a ride. I again appologized, and said I'm at 65 miles, almost 60 miles from the truck, on a 120 mile range fuel tank. Then he said he would go get me gas after I helped him.:banghead:
I could see he was not going to take no for an answer. so I agreed to give him a ride and told him to walk back to his car for a pair of shoes, we would finish our beers, and come over. So, he headed back, we finished our beers, geared up, and blew them off, and headed South.:excuseme:
Just to defend my self, Rolls gave me crap, but if I would have given him a ride, went camp to camp, found someone to help, I would have had to stay until the car was free. With our fuel situation, mixed with it getting later in the day, I felt he was fine with my original directions, to get there homosexual asses out of there.
Now that all the explaining is done, we will get back to the :ride:

To be continued...
We rode down the main wash for a while, heading back to Barstow, when I picked the wrong connector to get back up across the freeway.
Us looking down what we came up.

Another shot that you can see the fence we drug our bikes under. (It was already cut, so:moon:)

We rode again to a freeway crossing were we took a break.

Looking from where we came.

I had jerky with my beer, Rolls had this. :lol:

There we made the plan of riding into Barstow for gas, instead of going back to the truck. It was closer, and even though we had seen the Minneola station was closed on other threads, I had scouted a new route into another station on Google Earth, and felt we should be able to make it.
Riding in top gear, with the throttles barely cracked, we made it to Minneola with about 85 miles on the tank. With great delight, it was then we found out the station there was reopen, under new ownership.

They had painted the place, reorganized the inside, and have new sign coming soon.

We gassed, and crossed the freeway and stopped at the old inspection station.

That place was totally trashed.

To be continued...
From the burned out inspection station, we dropped in a wash, and crossed back under the freeway. Not to much farther we made it to the other stations at Calico Road. It was only 5.5 miles from Minneola, all dirt, and green sticker legal, so it's cool to have the option of another gas stop. We crossed over and hit the power line road towards Harper Dry Lake. Not too far we hopped off on to a single track that went into the hills. We stayed on it for a while until the lunch urge hit me.
Lunch stop shots.

Looking from where we came.





More shots, a little farther down.


Back on the bikes I stopped here to see where we came.

Another reason I stopped hear was for the cactus bloom.


To be continued...
Cool read so far Tim!!

Screw the morons in the Tercel...maybe they will die out there and not have a chance to spread their bad seeds...:P

I don't know if they were going to park in the reeds and play hide the pickle, or what. But after talking to him, I wasn't sure what he would grab to hold on to, if I did give him a ride.:smirk:

On the rest of the report, I think I'll finish tomorrow AM, I need to get to bed now. :snore:
Cool photos, I haven't been to Afton/Razor in years, gotta get back out there.
Can't figure what Rolls is eating, not sure I want to know.
Thanks for sharing the RR! Cool pics.I can't believe you left the gay guy out there to
I have a good RR to post up soon.The wife and I without the boys were out at JV this weekend.Just got home.Rideing was great with a nice breeze.Not so great at the trailer.Sunday we left Means to Rattle snake.From the top of RS we headed to Pioneer Town.On the way out of there I seen the sign to Big Bear.Next time.I was surprised on the distance and route that it takes to get to PT from the water tank/gold fish pond when the GPS said it was only 11 miles as a Crow flies.I would of never made it if a local didn't show up at the tank and draw me a map.I'm Familar with getting to PT from 247 but from RS I Had to go all the way back to The end of Pipes wash and the telephone pole to catch the road back into PT. We were about 3/4 of the way there with the sun low in the sky when the wife got lost a second time.As I was waiting I decided to check my gas.Being a little low and the sun even lower we turned around and hit the 247 frontage road on the way to the Spirit for gas and a beverage.It was really windy at the Spirit so we crossed 247 again and hit the big wash on the way to giant Rock.After GR we went back to the trailer where the dogs have been locked up since 10am they were happy to see us at 730Pm.My Gps died in the backpack so I lost my track and milage but I would have to say it was a good 80+.Will post offical RR soon with pics.I never took any flower pics but there are some awesome blooms out there!
Hey there Timo. I'm an azzhole too. In fact I'll raise you one.

I went for a ride at Rowher on Saturday. I tried to take some pictures, but alas the ride started at 8pm and it was dark. Got back to the truck at 11:30pm. Want pics you can see? Sorry. I can post some black rectangles. One nice thing, no worries about head on collisions that is for sure.
Awesome report Tim :thumb:

:lol: It almost looks like a dog turd or something. :smirk:

I'm not sure what that thing was, but mu jerky was good.:cheers:

yah your an asshole tell us somehting we didnt know :smirk: Ill read your report later. in teh mean time have some roost homo!
You won't like the report, there's only 1 small hill climb, and I didn't make it. :bonk:

Cool photos, I haven't been to Afton/Razor in years, gotta get back out there.
Can't figure what Rolls is eating, not sure I want to know.

I'll go back sometime later, after that second waterhole dries up a little bit.:excuseme:

Nice report, thanks for sharing... :cheers: