Injured My dad's motocross injury!

As some of you may know, motocross is a very, very dangerous sport. On track and off. He had a very unfourtunate loading and unloading accident. The ramp slid over and ground into his shin, tearing it up. As I figured that I must, I brought you all pictures. Under one condition, those who are weak stomached, DO NOT LOOK. These images are INCREDIBLY GRAPHIC. Once again, DO NOT look at these images if you have at all a weak stomach.




Man I get stuff worse than that and I don't even notice. My wife will take a look at me and say "Honey, how did you do that." I say "do what?"
I feel bad for him but, try to convince him not to give up riding - he can take a few months off to fully recover and then, with lots of encouragement and support from you and the rest of your family, he might just climb back up on a bike. :prof:

Braking news! My dad said he'll be brave and try to get out if the doctor says his hemigolben level is high enough. He also wants me to tell you all that he doesn't actually ride, but is part of an alete group of extreme spectators :lol: And he wants to know where he can apply to be part of the lawn chair club :lol: