Mojave Memorial RR and R&R

This place needs a ride report … you know, words AND pics? If there’s no pics, it’s just blah, blah, :blah:

A ride in the Mojave with this particular trail boss and you have to be ready for anything … he’s a dang trials rider. Decided to go reverse on a trail usually taken top to bottom. Seems you forget about the times going down when you think … “I’d sure hate to have to go back up this section”.

The orange is here ... 13 yr. old to 60-something. One blue against three of a kind.


Where we came from...


Where we are going...


At 13 yrs. old, involved with trials, the boy has some serious skills. Nice little tech ridge ahead.


After doing this super-long rocky-then-sandy downhill, Trail Boss spins around and holds a clinic on how to go back up.


Going up…


Still going up...


After the next set of ridges, Trail Boss is the first casualty with a broken rear valve stem and has to bail.


Two of us decide to finish this trail off. We both have been down it numerous times but never up … possible mistake. In the next couple miles, gravity wins and there is more than one time a bike decides to take a nap on an ugly step-up. Even a yucca encounter… :cry:


After one particularly amusing off-camber section, I lost my buddy for a while so I go back. He claims that he was minding his own business when this big rock suddenly jumps out in front of him and smashes his foot. Of course I believe him. He says it feels just like the three other times he broke that same foot … three? Oh well, game over, back to the staging area.

Possible fracture?


Legends of the Climb (George and Vic). George is the oldest rider in this galaxy. I read about his parents in Clan of the Cave Bear. Still riding and he’s in his 90’s. :thumb:


Vic’s nasty Hayabusa with the billet pine kick stand.


George’s present sled. I even threw in a pic of a pic of him in the same place a while back.


I spoke to Mr Kim a few years ago, George was sleeping.
I told him back in the Mid 70's he taught me along with another guy
out of Bakersfield named Bill Void how to climb. I had not seen any of
them since the 1984. Timeless men.