All LPNF - Sat 9 Oct - 8am - Edison stagin area

Eight of us today that ran the LPNF.
1. Ed (edlang1)
2. Steve (loco4x4)
3. Jill
4. John (N6VMO)
5. Michael (xylicon)
6. Joe (squeezsh)
7. Cliff (Cliff)
8. Ron (msgtretired)

Will post up a ride report later.. with pics and video

for tomorrow, we are running in the park.... thus far three of us. Randy, Rick, and myself.

Jill and I had a bang up time:ride: It was great riding with you all. I always have fun and Jill had a great ride without a clutch lever for almost 3/4 of the ride :thumb: Hope we didn't have you waiting too long for us at the rest points.