Injured Log Road MX - Crash Report - Graphic Images

Revised Cras Report

here he is on his way to the ride.

and this is what i was doing at the riding spot.

this is what happens when i do what i was doing.

this is what took me to morphine heavan.

or maybe this, i don't know by now.

the new place i was going.

my nurse...

waiting for surgery..

the wheel chair they gave me.......

what i did to my wheel chair cuz the doctor said i couldn't ride a dirt bike for six months!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get well soon james we are all glade you are going to live.

didn't wan't to say ok cuz i seen the X-rays..:P
Too much of any of it, and you won't have to worry about wiping your ass, because twisting a brown rope, will be a distant memory.:smirk:
Those x-rays look like my collar bone. I did not have to get surgery though and it seems to move alright...Like the military always says, "Drink more water and get back out there". So you will be the cook/bartender during T-Day?:smirk: