Other KTM FAQ and Tips

What is the one thing all manufactures tried to do for many years. No matter what type of sport it was. They have always tried to get any bike as light as possible. How much weight do you think electric start will add to the big four Jap bikes?
I can understand having electric start on enduros and street bikes.

Hence the minimum weight rule. In the early 70's the Japanese manufactures had a lot of cash and spent it on ultralight bikes that the euros could not compete with. They also broke on occasion which is clearly dangerous to the riders. I think that the min weight is 220 pounds for the current big bikes. I believe that is a dry weight. The current crop of 450's are over that number I believe by a few pounds. Isn't KTM the only electric start one out there.
Question about NUMBER GRAPHICS for a 2014 KTM 250xcw. My KTM has a headlight on the number plate, built in and just stock. If I were to order number graphics from say Attack Graphics, would it be able to fit the front plate with headlight, or would they send me a full graphic like on a 250sx?? I want to keep the headlight on my bike, just want a graphic that will fit with the light. when I go to "customize" the number graphics it asks what front plate Im running and I select the stock options. But it shows a full 250sx plate. Is this just a generic thing for the website?? has anyone ordered number graphics with headlights and had success?? Any answers would help greatly!!