125 Klx125 l

Well i figured i would start a small build thread..

2004 Kawasaki KLX125L...

So when i got it the rear hub was all jacked up... and i rigged it together .. and it held for awhile...intill my g/f got bored with just riding it easy... so i told her to ride it like she wants to... it held for a few weeks... lol...

So far ...

Changed oil and oil filter
rear brakes
cleaned the carb
new spark plug
new air filter
hand grips
New chain
new front sproket

i have a new hub,spokes,rear sproket,sproket bolts and nuts,rear wheel bearing and seals
Im going to get some pics of it in a couple days when i pull it out....

Also looking for an exhaust for it... i have a perfect header... and i have the muffler ... but the muffler is all broke .. im going to try to weld it up...:S lol i dunno how that will work...

and if anyone has any ideal on a correct jetting to make this thing run right help a brother out lol...

Its super low geared has a 57 tooths on the rear i went with a 51 this time.. only one they offered besides the 57

Well bike bandit sent the hub yesterday... and the spokes and chit should be here like the 1st... so:banana:
its shaft drive....that chain is to throw people off from steeling it...they walk up and see the chain and say phok that we aint steeling a dirtbike you gotta push :P

you didnt notice the custom clutch handle did ya... huh....huh... you want one dont you...:devil:... haha i leaned it up against a tree while it was warming up one day and when i came outside it was almost laying down on its side.. and the clutch handle was all fugged up... my g.f was :rant::blah:....it was an honest mistake...then she picked the bike up and said :thinking:...pointed at the kickstand....

who woulda thunk it... dirt bikes do have kick stands :D:moon:
Those grips almost look like the old Oakley 3 grips I ran on my bmx bike 100 years ago...

Oh my F'n God!
I can't believe we bought those things. :lol:
I used mine until I got back to the bike store with $6 to buy another pair of regular grips.... those things were horrible.:rant:

Well bike bandit sent the hub yesterday... and the spokes and chit should be here like the 1st... so:banana:

:puke: now that we have that outta the way....arent those bike supposed to have make believe rad shrouds, and srockets. heres a few tips :prof:

1) fix POS KLX125
2) sell POS KLX125
3) buy AWSOME RM/KX/CR 80/85

p.s. i can break it down farther if you want.
well just got the sprokets..bolts and nuts..spokes and nipples...... RMATV is the chit... they got my order to me a day early... and before bikebandit got my parts to me...i ordere from RMATV like 3 after BB... and BB still hasnt got my parts here:moon:
Well.. ive been workin on this thing for 3 hours heres where it was when i left my uncles garage..( had to come home and look up pics online becouse i couldnt get it laced correctly... i tried forever... the pictures i took at the garage ..look like its right... but it has alot of slop in it and i know it wasnt right

broke hub

new spokes and new hub ... polished wheel :smirk:


.... right now i almost have it complete again... hope full its right now...
it has 3 diff kinds of spokes... its got 2 kinds that are the same lenth but one has like a 45 degree bend on the end... and one has a 90degree............... and then the side closest to the drum has a shorter spoke... im having problems on the sproket side at the moment... i stopped working on it ... just looking for pictures right now... my buddys messing with it .. ive been cussing it for 2 hours...