Just got my tickets Nascars first race in KY

What I meant by it being a Dale Jr show was not that he was winning all the time, cause that was never the case with him. Sure he has won some races but never like Jimmy Johnson or Jeff Gordon. I meant when you're watching it on TV that is all they talked about and all they showed was DALE Jr(inagirlyvoice). It was so stupid bad he could have been 3 laps down and in 43rd place with fenders missing and they still would follow him around the track lap after lap and ignor everyone else in the race. That is why I stopped watching it. I got so sick of it I said:foul: it and quit watching.
I knew what you meant...they don't talk about him nearly as much as they y=use to because he just doesn't perform like he use to...He's seldom in the top 20 let alone top 10...it's the same old (young) guys Johnson, Gordon, Bush and Shrub (Kyle), Harvick, Truex, I can't think of them all...the others just seem to be obstacles...:shocked:
I don't get NASCAR! Go straight, make a left, go straight, make a left!

It is "racing" at it's most snoozing! Wake me when somebody wrecks or the last two >>yawn! << laps!
Yeah I'll admit that I also used to follow NASCAR, but after I got hooked on MX it got realllllly boring. :devil: I'll also admit that I caught the last few laps of the Daytona 500 from this past weekend. And holy shat that was awesome to see the total rookie (second ever NASCAR race), Trevor Bayne, win it. :ride:
From VA too! :banana:
That don't happen often, we are kinda a secret state that no one goes in or out. :devil: