Using WE as in HE... I am pretty sure you've used this term before... I will be the first to admit that "I" yes REZ does NOT exceed the boundaries of my current skills. :prof:..... :P

I got our mouse....... right here! :finger: ....... :smirk:
So that's what all the ruckus is about in his pocket.:D Quite a lot or ruckus for an old man.:shocked:
Broken left wrist, broke both bones in my left forearm, torn ligament in right wrist, my tooth went through my lip, And a mild Traumatic Brain Injury. all from riding my bike haha
I just think it needs to be said:prof: riding is a dangerous sport!

And to think while we sit in pain and recover all we think about is riding again:ride:

It is a sickness that makes me ill with pleasure and makes me wiggle in glee:wiggle:
So screwed up we NEED to ride! Im pretty sure all these crazy folks shooting up people and places needed to ride too. I think it could/would fix a lot of attitudes.