Idaho back country Mining Ride

Man Bryce you have some madd photo skillzzage! Outstanding report. The thing that I think is the greatest about this ride is that you are with your Mom and Pop. Totally cool. :thumb:
After leaving the mine we continued up the road until we ran into a gate that said No Motorized Vehicles Past this Point oh yeah and no mechanical (No mountain bikes) !:foul: This was the start of the Wilderness Area. Here is a shot looking into the wilderness area.

From here we back tracked a ways. Here is a shot looking back at were we came from.

Here I had to stop and take a break after a tree tried to stop me while I was going around some rocks. I don't have my brush guards yet and a tree kindly pushed my front break for me. Thank god I didn't go over the bars!

Great pic's...

What amazes me is the fact that I didn't notice any KTM's floundering in the creek or going over the small falls...:banana: