4 Stroke How much oil does your KTM burn through ?

good info! We have had a couple of 525sx with the rfs motor and they didnt seem to burn oil that much the rfs motor is pretty reliable but if theres no evidence of burning oil the only thing i can think of would either be that its leaking somehwere or the motor isnt giving you a correct reading and to let the oil run out overnight. and yes the RFS motor uses a window
Check to make sure that you are not getting any oil in the coolant. Some of the '05's had casting issues with the head and the oil pressure would actually push the oil into the coolant passages.
so i noticed when i was out in Ocotillo it is actually leaking out the overflow tube(if thats what its called) that runs to the bottom. now it wasn't a lot ..in fact not even dripping but i put my finger there and got a little oil on it. I have been keeping an eye on my oil levels and i guess i could have been a little over zealous about how much it was actually leaking. Regardless all the info and advice is much appreciated. I talk to guys at the KTM shop but ya never know if they are Bullshitting someone like me so its nice to hear from you all.
if it is just oilly moisture in that tube and not actually dripping that would be normal...it is a breather and even when not over filled it will BREATHE and a little oil Will BE PRESENT