helmet cam

Like the Cell Phone color!!!

Don't mean to jack this thread...it'll be short......while at Pick-a-part today I saw a Chevy Dually that was "sea foam green" (very pastel) with yellow, blue and orange stripes down the sides. I told my buddy I wish I had my digi cam...It would have been priceless....:thumb:
Well.. the ride didn't happen today, it actually doesn't look like its gonna happen tomorrow either, but come Monday I'll hit up the trails and post the vid. Not fun when your friend bails on you to go play pool... at a pool hall that BURNED DOWN!! :doh:

idiot... burned down yesterday night, and he tried to go today, but then after that he just went home... so I'll take myself out there monday and it will be good :P
Got that right...........once it's on it's there for good.....MAKE SURE YOU PUT IT WHERE YOU WANT IT THE FIRST TIME CUZ YOU AIN'T MOVIN IT IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE!!! :prof: Not yelling just stating a fact! :smirk: For those NOT in the know!

:prof: you CAN remove it with a hair dryer BTW ... the excessive heat will allow you to remove it.
right now i'm just concentrating on getting a job, cuz i gotta have the money to buy and maintain the bike before i get it, so thats my primary goal at the moment

:thumb: thats the best way to be looking at your situation... and life for you right now.... +3 roost when i spread some around.