Other Harley brake rotor question...

I totally disagree, and here is why.
What strips easier, a 6 point, or a 12 point?
I was taught very early in my wrenching career that the less "points" of contact you have, the less chance of stripping, and it has proven true in my experience.
So what is a normal bolt? 6 points.
Whats less?
Nothing thats in our regular vocabulary of bolts.
No 5 points that I recall, some 4 points (square) but they're not used in any mechanical devices that I know of, maybe some roofing nails (and why is that?)...
Whats left? 3 point triangles? I've never seen one.
And what is a 2 point? A flat bladed screw-driver, right?

IMO, if we really wanted the toughest bolt to strip, it would be a 3 point triangle. But we dont see them, I wonder why?


Torx suck, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

Interior is different than exterior Torx are way better bolts than hex head. As far as square drive you can keep those screws. They suck ass.
I have rounded off manny of snap on Allen’s
Of all the Allens I have ever used, my Snap-ons are still in as pristine condition as they were when I bought them in 07. Every other brand rounded.

We’re you using an impact driver?
I tried the 1/2" ratchet at first, then went to the breaker bar, then to the impact.

Thanks for the link to the Bagger article @Myhilo33...I'll give that a shot next. IMO Torx still suck though. I cant count how many Torx sockets I have that have rounded off before the bolt ever broke free. Right up there with Allens. But I do come from a salt state, so maybe that had something to do with it...:noidea::noidea::noidea:.

Maybe I'll change my mind after this is all done, but I doubt it.
Probably Harley’s way of ensuring you have to take it to them. Hit the aluminum with a little heat, not too much, and it will electric impact right off.
And personally, torque bits, and bolts are the shit. Get the impact quality, and not the hand tool shit, and then throw a breaker bar on it.:picard:
I have never had an issue with the tool rounding, it's the bolt that screws the pooch. But yes, if you don't clean them prior to insertion, it's not going balls deep.

Also has a lot to do with the quality of tool.