I couldn't find a brownie GIF:smirk:, but I hope you had a great day. :thumb:
Wow, I come home to all these birthday wishes how sweet, thanks everyone! I have to say it was one of thee best birthdays I've had in a while. I went up to Mammoth on Fri. (not to watch the motoX race) but to hit a hot spring for sunset. Stayed at a friend's place, made a nice dinner and passed out from all the relaxation and Mojave brewski

Then Kyaked the Owen's river on Saturday. Started N. of Bishop and kyaked for 7 hours! Can you say SUN BURN?

Met some colorful locals on the river who recommended the bowling alley for my birthday dinner, I thought are you shittin me? they wernt, it was actually pretty good! These kids have nothing better to do then party on the river.

Something is falling out of the tree and it's not a bird.

Finally pulled out at Warm Springs road. Saw lots of single track on the Mts. near there. Im thinking next time, ride, soak, float, hike, Mt. Bike, fish...I mean seriously Bishop/Mammoth is good for everything and I really need to get up there more often.
Sunday morning I needed lots of coffee. This waitress knew how to pour and the Country Kitchen had good reads at every table.

I already had calluses but my hands got really jacked up this weekend paddling,hiking and dam building on Sunday.

Found a really neat spot near Baxter Pass where we built a dam and hung out for a few hours.

Such pretty scenery along 395. I look forward to going back up that way soon. There you have it :blah::blah::blah: Sun's birthday weekend, wouldnt want to bore you with the long version :smirk: hell you didnt even ask for this! :lol::PTHE END!