I have a Guitar Center special, annual weekly sale, Sg, a pawn shop strato blaster, $50. clams! and the dang thing plays like a dream!!!Made in Indonesia, and of course a Casio keyboard synth! Good for playing E.L.P and Genisis, I finally got the lamb lies down on broad way riff, 2 hand technique, Thanx u tube! Note; I have no picts, so I threw up some images....gibson-sg-standard-p-90-s.jpg fender.jpg


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Added a second 8x10, this one has split inputs for dual 4x10s.
With my 18" subs, I'm up to 45 sq ft of speaker cone.
This is NOT about volume. This is about sound shaping and allowing crossovers to isolate speaker banks. You'd have to hear it to know what I mean.