Here's a group shot from the height of my illness



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I got a new bit of horsepower. I think it has settings for accessing the 'brown note.'
Carvin R1000
Pretty awesome spectrum of sound between the Tube Emulator, Compressor, Noise Gate, pre-shape EQ, visual EQ, and midrange frequency tuning.
On top of all that its a Bi-amp with a sweepable crossover frequency between amps. Stereo Full Range also available at the click of a button.
1000/700/350Watt stereo settings available for my 4 ohm fridge.


-BIG DAN:thumb:
Never been a fan of carvin guitar rigs, but their bass stuff is top notch. I bet that thing is punchy. I like carvin speakers too I've got some horned wedges that are bulletproof, but are probably partially responsible for the tinnitus
Here is where I am after 30+ years. Not seen here are a couple builds I have in the works that are still in-process, and a couple other 2 tree that got sold, broken, stolen, dismembered, frankensteined, or put to some other use.
Each one holds a special place with me. Some have been with me since I started playing, and each one has a story behind it.
I love them all, just like all the women in my life.:thumb:
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The VTM120 was the predecessor to the 5150, they discontinued it after. Flew under the radar but was a boss. I'd line it up against anything of its time.

What is the guitar 3rd from the left?
Parker? Koa wood? Nice looking guitar
That's the Kramer from pg. 1