2 Stroke get the 1985 cr500 running

i finally got my brothers cr500 in the garage. it hsnt run in 5+ years so im not sure what wrong with the insides. my brother had someone look at it and he said it will fire up but it needs lots of lovin on little things before i can do that.

its got several missing bolts a sun rotted front tire, is missing a clutch lever and the front brake is either just empty of all fluid or is shot.

So hopefully it doesnt need anything major and i can get this thing in tip top shape for fairly cheap.

85cr500 002.jpg85cr500 001.jpg
ktm 450exc with ktm 500 engine
first thing i got into was the throttle and front brake.

Throttle is ok i got it nice and clean and feels as snappy as its ever gonna get with this cable

The front brake on the other hand is shot... well at least the master cylinder and cable is. So i started looking and found this .....


so now i hope he will sell me just the front brake stuff cause i dont want all the other stuff with what it costs to ship it.