I have a meeting I just can not get out of (belive me I tried) at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Cleared the rest of my schedule though. So, I am going to head up there for a early afternoon ride. Are you guys going to make a day of it, or just a morning ride and split?

Can't do saturday, son has a football game @ 10:00
Sunday, told the kids I'd take them to El Mirage

However long it takes us to do E Frazier to Watta to Tejon to Long Dave, break at the creek then Up Yellowjacket back down Watta to Tejon and out Sterling Cyn.. Were meeting at Edison 8:30 probably get on the bikes by 9:00-9:30. That's the plan. You could always swing by in the afternoon, say hello or have a beer:thumb: Pewter Sliverado Pick Up with a Moto GP sticker on the back and "good girls ride motorcycles and bad girls trash them" :smirk:

Ron I havent heard back from my friend, which means she is probably taking an overtime shift afterall :( and wont be going to the ranch. I'll text you if it happens last minute.
I wish I could make Friday, but that dirty four letter word ' W O R K ' (wash my mouth out with soap), get's in the way. Not to hi-jack your thread Sun, but I hope some of you could join us on Saturday too. It will be a bit cooler than previous trips, forecast in the 70's tops. It will be an easy pace and route. Looks like for Saturday we have Steve, Jill, Nathan, Ed, and myself.... Hey Sun, we got you marked as a Yes\No\Maybe so\undecided. lolol :P anyone else wanna come on up and explore the forest with us, meet us at 8am at Edsion on Saturday. figure on a 30-40 loop ending around lunchtime or so.
Gear and bike loaded. will swing by the gas station tonight. ready for tomorrow.