Jill asked about riding Saturday and going to the Sand and Sports show Sunday. She won't get another chance to ride until Oct 16th. I think she would tackle LPNF again going up E Frazier. The kid is determined! She is also getting faster. Last time out, I had trouble keeping up with her on some sections of Backbone. Or (Ron, this is for you) am I getting older and slower?

Let's ride Saturday. it'll be fun. :ride:

and Steve.. Yes, Your definitely getting OLDER. LOL

You look really pale spies Im thinking you need some moto medicine for sure! FYI the pace will be slower because it is the 2nd time for Sarah, but she is steady and stable. You can always rip ahead if you need to.

I MAY ride both days, it depends on a few things. I cannot commit now but I would love to join you on Sat.. Let me see if I can work it out. Right now my throttle thumb is hurting pretty bad, I jacked my thumb up two months ago and it still hurts! It's the inside of my thumb right where the throttle sits. After a full day riding up there Im not sure how it will feel. But then again that is what drugs are for LOL and I just may do some back to back! I'll let you know how things look. Im thinking about spending the night down the road at a friend's place off Hwy 138. If I do that it's more likely I'd ride Saturday if Im feeling good. I'll keep ya posted! Hi loco:wave:
Well Sarah cant make it on Friday now :rolleyes:so unless things change I will probably plan on riding Saturday with you guys afterall:thumb:

I'll keep ya posted.

Spies? You in Fri or Sat?
Well Hot Damn! Friday is on again:banana:two buddies of mine who are old like me but much faster then I posted up on my Facebook. They are a couple of fun, smart ass guys and I look forward to this ride. I havent rode with them since February. I hope I can stay at my friend's place Friday night, if so good chance of Saturday ride too. But I just wont know till last minute unfortunately, so dont count on me. Sorry about my on/off/poor planning.
I have a meeting I just can not get out of (belive me I tried) at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Cleared the rest of my schedule though. So, I am going to head up there for a early afternoon ride. Are you guys going to make a day of it, or just a morning ride and split?

Can't do saturday, son has a football game @ 10:00
Sunday, told the kids I'd take them to El Mirage
I wish I could make Friday, but that dirty four letter word ' W O R K ' (wash my mouth out with soap), get's in the way. Not to hi-jack your thread Sun, but I hope some of you could join us on Saturday too. It will be a bit cooler than previous trips, forecast in the 70's tops. It will be an easy pace and route. Looks like for Saturday we have Steve, Jill, Nathan, Ed, and myself.... Hey Sun, we got you marked as a Yes\No\Maybe so\undecided. lolol :P anyone else wanna come on up and explore the forest with us, meet us at 8am at Edsion on Saturday. figure on a 30-40 loop ending around lunchtime or so.