Finger Position On Bike Levers

I use my pointer finger for the brake.
I am always concerned about whether I am pulling the clutch in far enough when I just use my finger.
I find myself using all four fingers sometimes and I hate it when I do it.
How much is enough to shift free and clear without doing any damage?
im starting to use my middle finger only on my clutch side... with the new 530's stock lever it just feels way more comfy that way.
I know I've already said something about this before but I tend to use my index and middle fingers...I can't get comfortable using my pink, ring fingers...tried it, no worky
Old thread back to life. :thumb: I use the index and middle, I can not imagine using the pinky or ring. :thinking: Sometimes for the front brake I use only the index.
Here's my finger positions!


Here's one during a good ole brake tap!
I use Left Index and Middle for clutch and rest for grip, and for brakes Right Ring and Pinky.
But I avoid using front brakes, coz I been to death and back, and that for more than once on my Enfield.
So my advice is to use rear brakes, but if you are stuck biking in traffic front brakes are only alternative.