Finger Position On Bike Levers

:wow: 3 finger clutch, even with the hydro clutch? Man, that's how many I use on my clutch that has a cable in about as much need of replacement as my front tire :prof::smirk: When I rode my friend's 144, I was 2 finger clutching and 1 finger braking and keeping my fingers on the levers at all times :banana: I felt like a pro. It must be what CDA feels like :devil:

its not about strength... its just a habbit from riding Mt Bike.
I took my riding habits and applied it to my MTB. I ride the MTB now the same as the dirt bike...

i really need to get my MTB in working order so i can stay in shape. Plus there is lots of fun downhilling in my area.
I use the nose picker one and the one that smells like fish.

That can be referred to as your "Saturday night finger"! :prof:

haha! that just deserves a moment of silence and contemplation...:hail:...shhhhhh....:thinking:

I use two fingers each side(um, same fingers...) I have a really hard clutch pull too.

Fixed it for ya.......PP, you are just too funny! :lol:


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Look at these guys finger position. :thumb:




have you seen my vids ? far from short ... in fact people have commented that i should bring them in.

:noidea: the stock levers on my friend's 2008 144sx are like shorty levers...figured it would be the same for yours...if you brought them in, you'd have more leverage, equalling easier pull, so maybe you'd get into the 2-finger groove of things. Dunno.
Clutch = Left index and middle finger.

Front Brake = Right middle finger

My clutch needs more beef to pull in. And my middle finger is enough to drag my front.
Clutch = left index finger
brake = none Don't need it who needs brakes pin it to win it! haha right index or middle depending on situation
clutch, index finger, brake index finger, sometimes middle haha i dont know hmmm im gonna see today what I use to brake, I rarely use my front brakes unless im going down a hill....