Dirt Naps and Soil Samples!

Are you kidding, I'd never buy my daughter a Chinese rig!! The Dinli is from that bastion of engineering technology combined with well known quality control measures - Malaysia!!!......................:lol:

Hhmm, I lived in Malaysia 2000 - 2002, maybe that explains it............ I think we exported to Manitoba at that time. Now that they have I-Pads up north the quality should improve :prof:
never thought of putting my dirt nap vid here so here it is...

60 foot table top fail along with the whining thought of now i wont be able to :ride: :lol:
That's awesome! You didn't whine too much! Kudos to you!

No life flight helicopter involved!

Just don't do like I do and ride the woods in no-mans land by yourself! :naughty: