Dirt Bike Related Quotes & Sayings

"Your not trying to beat the guy in first, your trying to be the next guy up. And soon enough, the next guy up will be the guy in first"

"Motocross is dangerous - if you do it the wrong way"

"Ride smart, because the guy with nothing but balls is the guy with two broken legs"

"Your riding like you have a kayaba fork stuck in your ass" (After I stole something similar from Sean)

"Do you not agree the Rockstar girls are dried up old hags?"

Stuff I pulled from my dad over time :lol:
"I'm to old to fall, if you ever see me fall don't waste your time seeing if I'm okay have 911 on speed dial."- OL' FART! (aka my dad) :smirk:

mixing gas and hauling ass

if it takes more than 2 strokes then your just playing with it

are the valves there to make up for your small member?


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