All DBA T-Day Ride

You guys need to get the map out for me so I can find you all on black friday.
Garry is that you. I've ridden with you at Lytle creek. I like to climb hills. Member, Memmmmmber! We'll be rolling in on Thursday. I'll have my Jr climber with me. Hope to see you there.:wave:
:thinking: Hmm, I will be rolling in around Noon on Tuesday..

WG, do you have some rolls of that caution tape and stakes to mark off a big circle?
I believe I have one roll of 1000' feet worth and will attempt to mark off the spot on that Sunday.:thumb:
I'm in bakersfield waiting on a client. He is late for our lunch meeting :banghead:

Short stack :lol: arrives FAT on twosday :smirk: about noon. We will head out from there.
Shoot I'm getting all excited about this ride and I'm not even gonna be outta be EPPPPPPIC. Dang it.........:thinking:.......naw, can't.....:thinking:.....:shocked:...better not! :naughty: