250F Crf250r wont start / starts extremely hard. Wont idle

I tried upload a picture of the seats but it said the file was to big for some reason. Does that valve look bad? Nothing really seems like its chewed up or anything
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That valve looks pretty hammered.
The problems with those bikes were that the seats were too hard too hard for the valves. I had an '05 450X that I had stainless steel valves installed in. Never had a problem with them again. Although, I do agree with Snowflake that the "correct" fix would be to do the seats.
So i want to get new seats put in too? Is there different kinds of seats i can get that are better than others? so now I am going to order some new valves. Whats the best just any stainless steel valves? i would like to do this right so that it lasts as long as possible. I plan on taking this bike on a long trip in a couple months
If you switch to stainless valves, then you can use the stock seats. The seats will need to be re-cut though. The stainless valves are heavier than the stock titanium valves and need a different spring. Also, some performance is lost because of the added weight.
If you use the stock titanium valves then it is advised to switch to beryllium seats. The stock seats are too hard for the titanium valves which results in a short lifespan for the valve.
I am not aware of any updated products by Honda to fix this problem.
No matter which route you choose to go, there is specialized machining that is required. If you don't have the tools or the know how, you're better off going to a pro. These guys have been around and have a good reputation: http://www.fastheads.com/
So would you recommend doing stainless valves and stock seat over oem valves and beryllium seats? I dont race. But will it be a noticeable loss in power? Because thats no fun. But if i wont even notice then im all for the extra reliability
Also i see that i can buy just intake valves and if i buy a whole kit it over doubles my price. So should i just replace the intake valves sense the exhaust valves didnt leak at all? Do the exhaust valves usually have problems anyway? Its like everyone advertises their intake valves for the crf250 but not the exhaust valves. Makes me wonder if the exhaust valves just dont have as many probems
exhaust valves rarely go out. You can do the SS if you'd like, its what I did and I didn't have a problem with the valves again for the remainder of the time I rode the bike
The stock exhaust valves are SS. There are no issues with those.
TBH, I couldn't tell a difference in performance when I put the SS intakes in my bike. I never had a problem with the gaps tightening up though
That looks like the right one. I don't see the collets or seals either, but I assume they would be the same as stock.