Cool vehicles and drivable machine's!

For one thing, you're not gonna pay 60k. Happens all the time, ford/gm says they'll sell it for 60k, real thing ends up costing 75-85. A porsche? But hey, I'm just a guy who likes my car not leaking water and not rattling doors. Vettes are cheap performance for a reason, you lose something somewhere
..we’ll see. ! I’ll take a road trip to ABQ and let you drive it just for you to can come on here and confess your allegiance!
Ha ha. Ok. Look if I actually do get one we’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably just blame your shitty roads anyway

or your shitty driving
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I'm not dissing the vette, it is what it is, a bargain in performance, but its cost is directly proportional to the work put in.