Chest protector thoughts

I use hockey shoulder pads. You can get these from around $50 on up. It works for me. Don't seem to get to hot.

my chest protector is in bad need of an upgrade. Does anyone use one of these?
for a $100 i thought was pretty good price. what do you think? Only thing I am worried about is it getting too hot. I mean, If only rode 20 lap motos, I know I could deal with it by taking if off in between races but I ride trails alot and stay in gear all day.



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It looks a little hot & bulky to me, but without actually see/using it I can't judge. I wore my SixSixOne Pressure Suit out in the desert and it worked great. Most of the fabric is mesh, so it's very breathable.


I used to wear the above model for MX, but I've since switched to the core saver. (below) It offers a bigger chest plate, more kidney protection, and it allows my Leatt to sit on the outside. Which helps redistribute the force on your spine if, God forbid, you get your head knocked back. However the trade off between this model, compared to the full suit, is obviously the lack of elbow/forearm guards, along with less shoulder protection. But your mobility is greatly increased, along with it being cooler.

Im young and heal quickly so Im all for this

That is about what I have now Jos, I am going to start getting into some racing this year I need a little more that thin foam and even thinner plastic. Oh, and I am old so yeah I need more for that reason too :smirk:
well, in the 70s the hockey shoulder pads debuted for MC riding, I had a set of Joffa's, and a thin "chest protector" made of vinyl and a thin foam pad.

Then we went to the now familiar chest protector or shoulder pads, hard plastic style.

Then the body suit style came out in the last few years.

I too think the body suit would be hot. But it also has the elbow pads built in. I dont wear elbow pads anymore cuz they always slip down and bug me. I have seen a friend hit his ribs on the bars and break ribs which I feel would not have happened with the hard plastic style. So they have pluses and minuses.

Im sticking with the hard plastic style.


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I have seen a friend hit his ribs on the bars and break ribs which I feel would not have happened with the hard plastic style. So they have pluses and minuses.
:thumb: That's one of the reasons I went with the core saver (over the regular suit) as it offers a bigger chest plate, more padding around the side/back, and a better back brace. From what I've seen the suit styles offer a lot better back/spine protection over the traditional chest protectors. However like you said they all have their plus's and minus's, get whichever one that suits your needs the best. :thumb:
I like arm less, shoulderless roost deflectors. I doubt I'de like one of the compression suits, I mean, It would make me feel waaaaaaaaaay to restrained. I like to feel tight running but certainly not restrained one bit. Like for example I tuck in my jersey, strap up my boots really tight, make sure my leatt body straps are tight and button up my helmet strap out of the way. Although if I had something that felt tight on my arms or my pants were really tight or my underwear become tight and sweaty (:P) then the whole time I wouldn't be paying attention to the track, I'de be paying attention to my tight underwear. Does this help?