Bubba Scrub

I've been looking for the one From Indy when he scrubbed and past Dungey and Reed at the same time for second. Awesome
Stewart passes Dungey when Dungey ran into the back of Reed and dropped his bike right at the finish line and then Stewart passed Reed in a corner right after a big tripple.

around 8:15min for the pass on dungey and right at the very end for the reed pass.

And here is part 2 incase anyone wants to see the whole thing
your right Jackson! At 928 in the first vid very end of it is where Stewart scrubbed past Reed going into the corner.:banana:
Here's a few people I ride with!






Why do I ride with these guys? They make me look bad!

I've only been on the same track with Frankie Lettieri once. :smirk: