brand new here

FordhankJr. That is an awesome name and great intro video. I was waiting for you to tag that ford with the cinder block rear break....welcome to a great place.:thumb:
welcome hank,,glad to see you here. I see we have alot in common, We both ride a 250 2st, both are ford guys. both like Hank Jr, and both are good old southern boys,,,,oh wait you are from where??????:naughty: :mmph:YANKEE!!!

:lol::lol::lol: just messing with you. welcome roost all around!!
nooooooo wayyy bro! You very much into hunting? v757b and i are so far are the ones with the most red neck pride :smirk:

Add Buck in there too! :smirk:

:cheers: Welcome HankJr

:lol: After seeing your youtube channel I think you'll get along with v757b just fine.

:lol: Thank ya!

Welcome HankJr! Right when I saw the name, I knew I was gunna like you. Might wanna do something about that Ford though. :thinking: :smirk: