Branch through the cheek (GRAPHIC)


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I didn't know that was called a check....:smirk:

:picard: It's been a long day, go me a break. :moon:

:lol: You at least didn't see what I'd typed at first.

"Branch threw check"

:noidea: Guess the branch wasn't happy with its meal, so it threw the check at the server. :smirk:
I've had to use pliers to pull yucca spears out of my body before, but that really takes the cake. That's nasty.

The guy crashed on what looked like a graded road. What's up with that?
Ewww! That is nasty! It reminds me of this ride report a woman posted on TT a few years back. A stick in her neck! And she calmly drives herself to the hospital and they remove it. It was narly! If you like this, go to TT and search for that ride report.
:puke: Opps sorry, that made me sick!