All Bradshaw Trail near Salton Sea: Nov 5-7 2010

We have a different kind of trip coming up thats kinda special to us at RIDERS.

The Bradshaw Trail is an area between the Salton Sea and AZ. It is surrounded by Military Bombing Range and Wilderness Park. Bradshaw was an entrepreneur during the Gold Rush days that discovered and capitalized on the natural fresh water wells in this area that helped Travelers get from the Colorado River further west along a big wash now known as the Bradshaw Trail. He also made money with a Rope Ferry Service to get people across the river.


This area has a series of cool Red Box Canyons. There is military paraphernalia scattered about... unexploded bombs... blown up tanks... mines to explore... rock crawls... Chuck Walla Mountains to explore... Hotel California is a rock cabin built into the side of a mountain... and the Bat Caves !

Don't forget sand... sand... and more sand ! We will make you a much better sand rider after this trip !

Different for this trip is that we will staying at an RV Park with full hook ups. That includes: Water, Sewer, 30 & 50 amp electric, Cable TV & WiFi. Also pool, mineral spring soaks, General Store and Restaurant. For tent campers there are clean showers. Yes this costs money. About $100 for the weekend for RVs and $50 for a tent spot that two guys or couple can share.

This is also RIDERS Anniversary Party and you are invited to attend our Saturday Night Dinner sponsored by me. That means FREE FOOD ! :thumb:

For folks that JUST HATE TO PAY FOR CAMPING we will have a small group camping in the desert about 20 miles from the RV park so we have a GAS outpost for the long rides. How cool is that ?

Thats about all I can think of accept to say YOU ARE INVITED... so come and have some fun !

This is on my list. Travace you should be thinking about this Ride.:ride:

This seams like a great way to get to know more about the Imperial Valley.

I didn't know about this trail until Wingnut brought it up.:thumb:

I love the Valley! From the Sea to the Dunes to OW and Borrego. It is a great place and any new experiance is a great experiance as long as you live through it.:smirk:
Just a quick up date on our Saturday night Pot Luck

Since Doug (who is not coming) convinced me we need a central social point for everyone to hang out between riding, I'm bringing all the canopies and tables. John & Double are bringing canopies as well.

In addition, Duane thinks we would have more fun doing a pot luck instead of Sassy's Cafe for our Saturday Dinner. And Kelley declined the free meal cause his wife's "cooking is better." So I say let's use the tables... and do a Pot Luck... and get Debbie to make a killer dish ! :thumb:

So Pot Luck it will be...
I'll be providing the main course: Grilled Chicken Breasts and BRATS ! Please raise hands and post up what you would bring as a dish so we can make sure not to end up with 10 bowls of Ralphs Potato Salad.

Let's all show up to dinner with our own chair, silverware & a dish to share. Your dish should be about 1.5 to 2 times what your group will eat in side dishes. Don't plan on feeding the whole crew. Just make enough to put out a little more than you consume and we will have more than enough and nobody wastes a bunch of food. Small deserts for everyone is good too... brownies... cookies... that kind of thing.

Home made goodies are always most appreciated... but busy people sometimes gotta do what they gotta do at these kinda things. So make it easy on yourself... but remember you are feeding your friends. And they will be sitting across the table from you while eating your dish ! :shocked:

Who can bring me a spare propane BBQ ?
Bob T can I borrow yours ? Thats makes two small ones. Anyone else ?

Lastly, does this all sound OK to you guys ?
I'm gonna be in Dove Nov 13-14... and hopefully Spangler early Dec if weather cooperates. :ride:
Then it's all Ocotillo till things thaw out.

I will keep an eye on your thread :thumb: I may be able to sneak this one in before our big TDay outing.
One of these days I'll make one of these rides. I'm going to be in Kernville on Friday night the 5th to try to keep as many Piute trails open as possible. Otherwise I would really try to make this ride.