Other Any other XR owners here yet?

mehh that sucks :cry:

Reason i kept my xr and didn't sell it is because they are probably one of the strongest built or most reliable engines Honda ever put out.

Original top end, original EVERYTHINg inside the engine and its running like the day i bought it 8 years ago. Although i really SHOULD consider a new top end :smirk:\

Mud, snow, rain, rocks, logs, roots, swamp, sand, grass, this bike has been through it all! Swamped my bike JUUUUUUUUST under the exhaust, started up first kick when i pulled it outta the water. XR's, ya can't beat 'em
I just found this thread, I am restoring a 96 xr650l. It's not in real bad shape just needs some love. Pretty much the only thing I'm not touching because its so strong is the engine!
Uugggggg... I got guilt tripped into going to the stupid renisance festival instead of picking up my dam bike! So I guess monday it is...