Another soon to be dirtbike rider.

Well she's been bugging me from quite some time and this weeekend Travace had the CRF 80 at camp. Well she decided to go for it with a little persuasion. I must first say Travace is a good teacher, and I did promise him I would not butt in.:rolleyes: Which of course I did and caused her first crash :naughty: which was kinda of scary. I was showing her how to not over use the throttle when she was in gear and she let the clutch out and friggin took of sideways with me holding on untill I couldn't anymore and she crashed good.That hurt her wrist a little bit but she hopped right back on and I went and sat down While Trav did his good work. :thumb:

She learned how do kick start it and take off by her self. It only cost about three more crashs and one looked like it was over the bars when the front wheel washed out in the sand when she popped the clutch taking off.:smirk: :thinking: I think she has a sore wrist,knee,and some bruises but seems to be ok. Hope the knee is fine I really haven't looked at it but she is at work today and walks ok.Guess I should get her some full gear cause I see a new bike coming in the future.
Before you guys say anything,She insited for some reason she didn't want to wear her boots and switched to tennies. :noidea:


Going faster. :ride:


:clap::ride::clap: Yippy! Way to go Lelani! She looks good on that bike. Better then you TWS:P Not sure about those tennis shoes though::smirk:
My wife liked riding bikes but became worried with age and she decided to do a quad instead. I've tried to get my daughter onto a bike, even having one of the hotshot girl riders in our group teach her but after 2 dumps (sandy turns at slow speed mind you) she doesn't want to leave her quad...:rolleyes:
:lol: you've never ment my wife. :rolleyes:

:ride: Well, you are right! I have never met your wife. Ok, let me change it to. Hey, that little 80 looks familiar, great to see it teaching others how to kick and shift. :rolleyes: And wow, she is a small lady, but big enough to keep you in line. :P