Ankle Savers - Any One Have Them?

Ask AJ Catanzaro.He cased the triple in Jacksonville. During his interview with Erin Bates he said that they definately saved his ankles.You never know that they are they until you really need them.Some people like them and some don't.Until you've tried them it's really hard to judge them.
I guess I agree. Things are always better once YOU try them rather than someone else. Sorry, for the bad spelling, I apploigize.
I think it is a good idea, the new design looks WAY better that grip was unnecessary not like you were using that part of the peg. But I mean soon people are gonna be riding bikes with a bubble around them, can't prevent every unfortunate thing that may happen to you while riding.
that would actually be pretty damm fun ... id roll right up to the edge of a steep rocky section and do a endo and just bounce all the way down... would be fun as hell
I was listening to Ricky Carmicheal talk to fro about them.. they seemed to think they were retarded.. I myself don't think they are worth it not to mention something more that can hurt you if the bike decides to chase you in a crash..