All the bikes you've had


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Custom Paint. Yes, it's terrible. I'll post the Before pictures, in which we will agree... I have made it better through my customization. -BIG DAN:thumb:


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Time to revise my post! Found some old photos in a mass storage drive!

In order from oldest to newest!

1977 KE25077 KE250 1.jpg

77 KE250.jpg

1981 Yamaha DT175
81 DT175.jpg

1981 Yamaha IT175
81 IT175.jpg

1981 KDX175
81 KDX175.jpg

1981 CR80R


1982 CR125R
82 CR125.JPG

2 1985 Honda 200s ATCs
84 200s.jpg

1984 KX80/200
84 KX80-200.jpg

1986 Kawasaki KDX200
86 KDX200 2.JPG

86 KDX200.jpg


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1987 Yamaha YZ250
87 YZ250.jpg

1989 KTM250 EXC
89 KTM250.jpg

1990 Suzuki GSXF1100
90 GSXF1100.JPG

1993 Suzuki GSXR750
93 GSXR750 2.JPG

93 GSXR750.JPG

1993 Yamaha WR500
93 WR 500.jpg

93 WR500 2.JPG

1994 Suzuki GSXR750 Moto GP Replica RGV
94 GSXR750.jpg

1996 Suzuki DR650
96 DR650.jpg

1996 Suzuki RM80
96 RM80.JPG

1997 Suzuki GSXR750 SRAD
97 GSXR750.jpg

1999 Suzuki GSXR600 SRAD
99 GSXR600.jpg

2005 Suzuki SV1000S
05 Suzuki SV1000S.jpg

And a handful of China Bikes, Quads and Parts bikes including a 1978 GS750 and a 1982 GS850 which will soon be the heart and soul of a dune buggy we are fabbing. In total I count more than 30 bikes. I rode and loved them all.
-BIG DAN:thumb:
No pic's but here's a rides

73 Suzuki TM 125 (Elsinore killer)
78 Yamaha TT 500
85 Honda XR 600
88 Tobiano- Paint 16 HH (Mare)
97 Overo-Paint 14-1/2 HH (Gelding)

Forgot to add the "QUAD" - 02 Yamaha 660 Raptor Special Edition....damn it...yes I was once a quad tard, but not for long :prof:
94 Husqvarna TE 610

Wife and kids rides

80 something Honda MT 125 (I think was the model)
03 Raptor 660

05 something, something Cobra 90 (quad)
08 Yamaha Raptor 80
Now riding her moms 660 around camp...won't be long til she's out on the trail with it! :shocked:


Daughter is NOW riding her moms quad out on the trail on easier rides for now... She's yet to crash hard so until then we're keepign our fingers crossed!

Husaberg FE570 - Hardly ridden (there, I beat all you sumbishes to it!!! :smirk:)

1988 Bronco Special edition (Eddie Bauer maybe???) whatever model came with the lift, dual shocks all around,... 302, shift kit in it, headers,
Ill throw in my update...
96 RT100 (the little bike)

96 XR250

96 RM250

88 RM125