All the bikes you've had

I'm interested to see the bikes you guys have had and ridden for any sort of time :thumb:



I also had a 1996 RT100 but i don't know where the pics went :noidea:
But heres mine!
Not going to post pictures, but here is a list:

Dirt/Dual Sport:
71 Yamaha 80
73 Yamaha AT1 125 (Still have)
77 Yamaha IT175
79 Yamaha YZ250
84 Honda CR500
86 Honda CR500
88 Kawasaki KX500
89 Kawasaki KX250
90 Kawasaki KX250
91 Kawasaki KX250
92 Kawasaki KX250
93 Kawasaki KX500
92 Suzuki DR350S
2003 Yamaha YZ250 (Still Have - Son rides)
2004 Honda CRF450R
2005 Suzuki DR400S
2007 Yamaha YZ450 (Still Have)

Dirt that I bought for wife and Kids:
94 Yamaha PW50
84 Honda XR80
96 Suzuki RM80
00 Kawasaki KX65
03 Yamaha YZ85
03 Yamaha TTR125LE
05 Yamaha TTR125LE
07 Yamaha TTR125LE (Still Have)
05 Yamaha YZ250F

87 Kawasaki Tecate 250
05 Yamaha YFZ450
06 Yamaha YFZ450 (Still Have)

Qauds for family:
04 Yamaha Blaster
02 Suzuki 80
05 Yamaha 350 Raptor
07 Yamaha 350 Raptor (Still Have - Wife's)
08 Yamaha 250 Raptor (Still Have - Wife's)

05 Yamaha R1
09 Yamaha R1 (Still Have)
08 Ducati 1098R (Still Have)

Street for Family:
(2) 07 Kawaski Ninja 250
07 Suzuki GSX600R (Still Have - Son's)
09 Yamaha R6S 600

I think that is all..:thinking:

07 Lawn Chair - Use to belong to a Gold Fish's wife....:devil:
No pic's but here's a rides

73 Suzuki TM 125 (Elsinore killer)
78 Yamaha TT 500
85 Honda XR 600
88 Tobiano- Paint 16 HH (Mare)
97 Overo-Paint 14-1/2 HH (Gelding)

Forgot to add the "QUAD" - 02 Yamaha 660 Raptor Special Edition....damn it...yes I was once a quad tard, but not for long :prof:
94 Husqvarna TE 610

Wife and kids rides

80 something Honda MT 125 (I think was the model)
03 Raptor 660

05 something, something Cobra 90 (quad)
08 Yamaha Raptor 80
Now riding her moms 660 around camp...won't be long til she's out on the trail with it! :shocked:
KTM 50

Sorry, I don't have any pics I can find of my bikes except the KX and the 250X's. And I have posted the KX everywhere.
1999 XR100 Love it and will never sell it!
2002 XR200 for sale! I learned everything on this bike.
2005 450X wish I still had it, gave it to my son and he traded it for a KTM...go figure! Problems ever since!
2004 250X 06 head with a 06 R cam Im on my third set of valves. 3rd new top end 4/10
2006 DRZ400/SM Not enough bike for me but fun as heck! New top end 6/10
first bike ridden....Yamaha 60

73....Suzuki TM 125 (Elsinore killer...not BS)
78....Yamaha TT 500 (desert sled...until I modified it to be rideable. Wish this bike still ran, it was a beast)
85....Honda XR 500 (rode like a Caddy)
94....Husky WXC 610 (dependable, starts all the time, love it even though the seats is as comfy as sitting on a 2x4, all seals leak, no E start, kicks on the left, kind of tall but I manage...
11....KTM 535 XC-W "Six Days" (don't have one yet, next year hopefully)
i had a

-quad master 50 suzuki quad (hated for ever)
- CR125 three wheeler
-06 KLX110
-06 CRF150F
-09 YZ250F
i have no pics of the 50 or the smoker but here





i still have the CRF and YZF