A Ride Alone.

Well one thing I've noticed riding alone (not every often I do) is when something does happen (like buried bike) suddenly you begin to get REALLY nervous and that is when you start saying to yourself "I shouldnt be doing this alone." That vioce in your head isnt as loud when your unloading the bike and are eager to ride. Not until a close call happens does the voice get louder or more persistant:smirk: for me anyways. But I do admit there is a certain amount of pleasure and a "maverick" feel to it, right or wrong. I hope to get a Spot someday myself.
Love those pics!!! They make me want to be there! Fabulous report! Thanks for taking us along Bryce:thumb:
I had an almost identical experience up at Cow Mountain one time. Riding alone, buried the bike in a mud hole. Took almost an hour to get it worked loose and out of the hole. The entire time I am thinking to myself that it's 18 miles back to the truck, and it's a weekday, so the likelyhood of anyone else coming along is nil.....

Learned my lesson that day. Now, when I ride alone, I am very careful and don't take too many chances.
I ride alone all too much since I can't stand riding with ATV's and S x S's! I do, but only with great pain! It sucks! It's dusty, and they are as slow as a retard. I often tell the group I'm with " I'll meet up with you later" ! I gotta go! I gotta ride! I don't like taking all the pussy trails!

This one is for you....:smirk: