4 Stroke 2010 KTM 450 EXC

Too bad there are 10,000 reasons I don't have one of those.

This might hold enough tools,,, Maybe 10,000. :smirk:

hey rack give us some details as to why you like the trials tire so much i have been really curious about one....what make and model tire? is it dot legal? etc..
i use the same sicass turnsigs, but i use the sicass led tail light kit. i like that euro light you run because it looks more oem and may draw less police attention, but i love the sleek and small led one that BD and sicass sell...both are great choices over the stocker which snags the tire constantly.
nice looking ride...
not sure if you have seen my 530 lately but i put the acerbis 6.3 gal tank on it....we call it the exxon valdez...omg huge, but still fairly comfortable. i even have ridden mx tracks with it...gets alot of looks on the track...:shocked:
the factories gotta design with the EPA, DOT, CARB, and lots of other governing bodies in mind. the have to go generic on everything...to be honest i cant believe ktm and husky can put the level of bikes out there that they do for street use. great bikes and very capable with minimal changes neccesary to be really good dirt and DS bikes....compared to anything japan puts out for ds use.....not trying to knock the drz and wrr but they are both in need of alot of changes to be a good dirt bike.
Yes, here are the photos! :thumb:
The old and the new


Stand by a few more to come

Old = :barf: How could they put that ugly thing on a 2010 anything?! Looks like they jacked that thing off a '93!

Awesome bike by the way, I wish I had one :cry: That light looks awesome on it too.