2010 JV Memorial Day Ride

Nature Pics.

Our first day there and out messing around.:thumb:

Theres was some serious flowers out there.:ride:

The first three nights was a full Moon.:moon::moon::moon::moon: The first couple of nights it came up before the sun disapeered. Land of the lost type of stuff.:smirk:

MaryAnn(Shefixit) And Nick Came in Thursday Morning.We went for a little ride that afternoon after they got set up.:ride:


A little Sand.:smirk:

MaryAnn & Lai.

Tim & Sawyer came in Friday Morning.I've been waiting for these guy's and a good ride. I think this ride was about 83 miles and it was Tim,Sawyer,Chris and Myself. It consited of Gohler Lake A little drift into the base,The telcom Tower and the petroglipyhs. Flat out Awesome Ride ! :ride: Thanks Guy's !:thumb:

Is there any Single track ?

Da Plane Ride.:banana:
This ride started out with just about everbody at camp. We lost 3 riders right off the bat. Riding this one out was. Tim,Sawyer,Chris,Codie,Dave,Drew,Steve(Rolls),RhinoRoof,and myself.About 60 miles.

Drew Chris and Rhino.

After Da Plane we did some flat out Bookin across the dez until we hit the hills and noticed a missing axle nut and a saved disater.:prof:

Steve and Codie.

Thank god for duct tape and Vice grips.Things to add to my pack!:prof:

Back at camp.:thumb:

After a Break, Chris Rhino and I Rode another 30+ or so miles.I was as tired as these guys.

This brings us to Sunday.Tim,Sawyer and Steve are leaving today so they got out of camp at 6am for a ride.I slept in and got Kevin to Giant Rock in one piece(OMG),Sat around camp most of the day as it was a little warm and I was tired.Did a short ride with the wife in the eveaning.:thumb:

THATS ALL I GOT !:thumb:

:ride: See Ya All again on another one!:banana:
To get back to my report.....

After taking too long Saturday AM (so I was told :busted:), we went to find the plane.

James, Chris, and Dave waiting on me.

As is it was said, we left as 12, went to 9, then 8, then back to 9.:confused:
Shot of when we waited on riders that never came.

The obligatory, ugly mug shot.

We made it to the plane with no problem. I was disappointed though that alot was missing after a year.

This is what it looked like last year. It is also a KC130, according to the pictures posted on Google Earth.

After the plane, we crossed the corner of the base, and it was voted to go up Aftershock.
The first obstacle.

Rolls waiting.

The White Stallion clearing it.

At that point it was found that my Son was missing the axle nut.
Duct tape and a vise grip got him back to camp though.:thumb:

Right after this point, Sawyer was pooped, and I gave up making him climb up, and over. Dave came down to check on us, only to see us dropping down off the hill. We went around the back, across Emerson, and then down to camp. Over all for such a big group, the ride wasn't too much af a cluster****.:rolleyes: