2010 JV Memorial Day Ride

First, the "Way to the Ride Report” ... EPIC!!

Watched the first plumes of smoke on the 91 Frwy as we roll to a complete stop 600 yds behind the oil tanker that went down Fri AM, exploding and dumping 8,000+ gal across all lanes. Had 3 news copters overhead (did you see us??). Three hours later came knocks on our door to use our bathroom :shocked: and several requests to fireup our barbie for some hot dogs, lol.



Then came turning a freeway of cars around ~ easy for most... not so easy at 56+ ft towing, with >60 ft to do it and no shoulder on either side. Once all the cars ahead of us were turned around, we suggested to let everyone pass first, but they insisted we go next. My hub did not have enough room to back up, or swing into a wide turn. An audience of cars, highway patrol and fellow firefighters watched as my hub got us completely wedged-in sideways, taking up all lanes of the 91 from the center divider to the construction divider ~ now we were the traffic, lol. I ducked way down in the seat... hoping the news copters weren’t zooming in on us. The crowd was not so patient. I heard a few honks and a few yelled out for us to detach our cargo trailer (hey, no problem.. we’ll just detached right here, turn around and leave our bikes and gear on the frwy, lol). After loaning my toilet out to strangers ~ wasn’t feeling guilty about making people wait a few more mintues.



They didn’t have to wait to long. My hub stepped out to take a look at things and seconds later, in walks this crusty 70+ yr old man missing most of his front teeth wearing cowboy boots, a big belt buckle the size of Texas, a button down collared shirt and sits right down in our drivers seat... WTH!!?? :lol: He looked at me and said, “M’am, I’ve been doing this for 40 years.“ That’s all he said. LOL!!

Arriving at camp 7 hours later, happy camper thumbs up :smirk:


My oldest unwinded on his brother’s 50



Saturday morning send off...










Emergency repair, even McGyver would've been proud :D


Not sure, but rumor has it that someone went MIA down below...


Maybe... he's over here, lol? :thinking:


Sun and Pat




Back at camp, we had airsoft....





Water balloon fights...





And... pestilence


Ending the weekend with a few nightcaps...

Shefixit and Nick


WS, Lai, Cody and Chris, thanks for hosting. Timoyz, Steve, Sawyer, Rhino Roof, Payloan, Matt and Jason, great meeting all of you. Thanks for taking my hub and son out on Saturday’s ride. SUN, Shefixit and families glad you guys could make it out for the weekend. Was different not being able to ride this time around. Thanks everyone for the fun times and all the laughs ~ great weekend!! :cheers:
Nice pics! :thumb:. Great to have groups of families out camping and riding :hail:. Next year I need to make the long trip to JV for timoyz tour:prof:


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Very nice report, dirtdiva :thumb: Dang I really want to go out there to ride someday. :foul::ride:

I made this a new thread as it deserves its own. :ride:

:lol: See guys my "way to the ride, report" is catching on. :devil: :smirk:
Great ride report.....I'll have to hook up with you guys more next fall, even if it is a day trip for me....With a group like that, you could use my sweeper skills...Hey my dad's a plummer, he has an awesome set of tools..:smirk:
Looks like you all had a great time...Maybe I could convince my buddy to get on our quad and then we can join ya or you can join us at the REZ...that's IF you welcome quadtards on your rides...:smirk: I've seen them in pictures, just thought maybe they were stragglers from other campsites! :noidea:
Looks like you all had a great time...Maybe I could convince my buddy to get on our quad and then we can join ya or you can join us at the REZ...that's IF you welcome quadtards on your rides...:smirk: I've seen them in pictures, just thought maybe they were stragglers from other campsites! :noidea:

There were 2 quads in the camp that weekend. MXDD was even begging to ride one.:smirk:
Cool pics Dirt Diva, sure was a good couple days for me agian nice to meet all, I hadnt meet before. We gota do it agian. Sounds like maybe OW for TG.:thumb:
I might as well tack my RR on to Divas, since it fit's along with the title.:busted:

My trip started with my Son, and I arriving to camp Friday AM, that already had TWS and family, SheFixIt & Nick, and Kevin with his dogs. We unloaded and set out on a little Northern exploration.
Thirty minutes into the ride we came across this happy couple.

Obviously, they're on the way to their love shack.

We continued on up to Galaway Dry Lake, and infiltrated the Marine Base.

From there it was a short trip up to Bess.


Around the other side, we found this guy.

After getting off the hill, we went out to the Petroglyphs, but at that point my camera batteries died, and there were no more picture.:foul: On our way back to camp, for a well deserved beverage:cheers:, our group got seperated. As I was returning looking for them, I wasn't paying attention to the trail, and clipped a humungous boulder. After a huge get off and damage to the bike, I was able to patch it up with a little epoxy, and was able to make it back to camp.
I didn't touch the bike that night, I pretty much drank, and licked my wounds until bed.:cripple:
This is how the throttle tube came off the next day.

The flattened rear brake lever.

The side cover ready for a in camp epoxy patching.

Inside shot of the cover.

Some stupid, fat ass, putting it back together.
Nice addition to the thread. That curled up creature looks like some good eatin...:smirk: I really need to stretch some gears with you guys this next fall....